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Sometimes life leaves us feeling stuck in a painful place. You don’t need to stay there. I help individuals, couples, and families figure out how to move forward.

When you have a safe and warm relationship with a therapist, you get a chance to explore all the thoughts and beliefs behind your feelings and start to reassemble them in a way that brings you joy. Along the way, you may also learn some new skills. It’s your journey. When do you want to start?




Individual Counseling

Something in your life is not where you want it to be. Maybe the problem is external - the loss of a loved one, trouble at work, or too much fighting at home. Or maybe the problem is internal - a new sense of loneliness, sadness, fear, or apathy.

Unhappiness is often seen as a problem but I see it as a valuable messenger. It tells us that some aspect of our life needs attention. Sometimes this means we need to look at the decisions we have made and reevaluate them. It can also mean that we need to do some skill-building - learn to stand up for our needs in relationships, learn to manage our emotions, or learn to let go of a belief or fear that no longer serves us.

I believe that every person is capable of healing, change, and contentment. My job is to support you in your journey toward a better life. 

Couples Counseling

Once upon a time your relationship was effortless and delightful. Your partner accepted you and you felt safe in his or her presence. But something happened along the way and you aren’t sure how to get back to that way of being together. Perhaps you’re afraid it might not even be possible.

You want so desperately to get along and be loved but despite your repeated best efforts things aren’t getting better. Maybe the interactions between you are full of anger and fighting and seem to be getting worse or maybe the other person no longer seems to care about you the way they used to and nothing you do seems to pull them back into the relationship. Even when you try to fix things there are repeated misunderstandings and the loving gestures you used to treasure from your partner don’t seem to happen as frequently or at all.

Being loved by someone and loving them in return brings us exquisite joy but these relationship also have the power to cause us unimaginable pain. It is often said that relationships are hard work but I’m not sure very many people could describe what kind of work is required and how to put that work in when things aren’t going well.

I specialize in helping couples determine what is causing problems in a relationship and exploring ways to find the connection and safety they desire. You do not need to continue to suffer.

I have training in both Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and the Gottman Method Couples Therapy, two of the most empirically validated forms of couples counseling.

Family Counseling

Parenting used to be a lot simpler. You just did what your parents did and hopefully that worked out well enough. Today’s parenting challenges are a whole new thing. There’s no role model that prepared you to raise a “screenager” in the highly anxious and competitive academic environment of Silicon Valley. There are all kinds of new threats parents have to contend with - easily accessible marijuana, texting, online porn, cyberbullying, and increased rates of self-harm such as cutting. When you also consider that every child is unique and what worked for one child may not work for the next one it’s no wonder that parenting can seem perplexing at the best of times and sometimes overwhelming and scary.

There is good news. Children’s needs have not changed. Children need love, acceptance, and consistent limits. When these essential needs are met most children will no longer feel a need to act out. Early intervention is key. The families I have worked with have all had the best intentions for their children but it is often hard when you’re on the inside to see how one’s family dynamics are reinforcing the problem rather than solving it. I help families recognize the family dynamics that are getting in their way and come up with new ways to interact to de-escalate problems.



 Parenting Support

We weren’t born knowing how to be amazing parents. We can’t even just parent the way our parents did and hope it works out because the world is a different place than when we grew up. Heck, it’s a different place than it was 10 minutes ago. This new world requires new strategies. For many people parenting is like running in the dark. You read a bit online, you talk to other parents, but mostly you’re making it up as you go along because there is no roadmap for this. Frequently that works well enough at least up until you run into something you never saw coming.

I can help you find a roadmap through whatever parenting challenges you are facing or simply in order to prevent future bumps in the road. I have years of experience supporting families and getting them back to a place of balance and harmony where parenting is fun.


My upcoming workshops include:


Taming the Tantrum

This workshop will present the latest findings in child brain development so you can understand why your child has tantrums and the most successful tools to help your child manage their feelings without throwing a tantrum. Workshops are limited to 5 participants in order to ensure that each participant has a chance to ask questions and share any concerns they have. $85


Preparing for the Teenage Years

The teenage years don’t actually need to be difficult. Learn the reasons why some teenagers rebel or misbehave and how you can lay the foundation now so that you can enjoy watching your child move through this transitional time between childhood and adulthood. We will also discuss the developing teenage brain and how to keep it healthy. Workshops are limited to 5 participants in order to ensure that each participant has a chance to ask questions and share any concerns they have. $85


Relax! Helping Children and Teens with Anxiety

We may live in one of the best areas in the country for quality education but for some kids the stress of competing can become too much. Learn how to help your child or teenager reduce their anxiety so they feel better and function better in the world. We will discuss the relationship between thoughts and anxiety and learn anxiety-reducing tools that work for parents too! Workshops are limited to 5 participants in order to ensure that each participant has a chance to ask questions and share any concerns they have. $85


All workshops take place at 1000 Fremont Avenue, Suite 230, Los Altos, CA.

Reserve your spot by emailing You can also reserve using the paypal button below.

About Rebecca

I have worked with families, individuals, and couples at multiple agencies in the Bay Area including the Community Health Awareness Council, the Salvation Army’s in-patient addiction center, and the YWCA’s Rape Crisis Center. I have also provided mental health counseling in several of the schools in Mountain View and Los Altos such as Springer Elementary School, Huff Elementary School, Egan Junior High, Graham Middle School, and Alta Vista High School. I have experience working with mood disorders, anxiety, suicidality, parenting challenges, family conflict, eating disorders, sexual assault/molestation, grief, marital problems, addiction, trauma, aging, and transitions.

The Way I Work

While I have training in a variety of different treatment modalities I draw the most from Cognitive Behavior Theory (CBT), Internal Family Systems, and Emotionally Focused Therapy. During individual therapy I like to balance the more cognitive approaches that provide insight on the thought patterns and core beliefs that cause you pain with more experiential approaches that facilitate the process of change during the session.


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